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Signs of Life at Stalled Upper East Side Condo The Charles

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Long-stalled residential project The Charles announced its triumphant return a year ago, with a fresh construction loan and plans to prepare the property for construction within 12 months. Right on schedule, a tipster wandered past the site and snapped the above picture. "The gate was open and a guy was in there with a few children; claimed to be the owner (and he obviously had the key," our tipster elaborates. "Said the building would be done in a year and a half." The plan appears not to have changed since October 2008, when the site, at 1355 First Avenue, was slated to get a 45-unit building designed by Ismael Leyva.

This is the 2008 render:

Prices then were expected to range from $2 million to $16.5 million.
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The Charles

1355 First Avenue, New York, NY