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15 Central Park West Pad Tries Double-or-Nothing Flip

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The inimitable 15 Central Park West is back with another of the finest two-bedrooms that $8,500,000 can buy. This one, 1,916 square feet with 2.5 baths on the 16th floor, was purchased by an LLC-shielded entity in 2008 for $4,734,862, meaning that while it's not quite a double or nothing—the current owner is, in fact, asking only 80 percent more than he/she/them/it paid, it's probably close enough considering that the former sponsor unit sold just over three years ago. It's also currently the cheapest unit in the building and, according to the Observer, has a tenant in place, meaning that it might be one of those investment only deals. If people are actually interested in it for $8+ million, though, sounds like a pretty solid investment. And hey, it's tax abated until 2019.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023