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Getting Out of North Brooklyn Might Be a Problem

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One of North Brooklynites' favorite pastimes—complaining about the L train—is about to become a full time job. Even though service was restored to 80 percent of subway lines as of yesterday, with more expected to be up and running today, the MTA has no timeline for the L (MTA chairman Joe Lhota said he hopes it's restored "one day next week") or the G (flooded with Newtown Creek Superfund water, too depressing to even address.) Both lines experienced floor-to-ceiling flooding and extensive damage. The J train is running out of South Williamburg to the Lower East Side, but then stopping there with no transfers available yet. Williamsburgians and Greenpointers may now be forced to put their feet where their bike pedals are (good thing it just got really cold out), or be stuck shelling out big bucks for cabs or car services.
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