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More Working Subway Lines, But Delays Still Likely

Many New Yorkers finally have electricity again, but more than a week after New York's subway was shut down in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, the system is still only partially restored. Extensive track-to-ceiling flooding badly damaged many lines and stations, and it will be weeks before every line is running again. Plus, signal problems and ongoing work on the lines will continue to cause some delays. The MTA is continuously updating its website with the latest information, but click through for what's available right now.

The 4/5, 2/3, A/C, D/N/Q, J, M and F trains are all traveling from Brooklyn into Manhattan, a huge improvement over Friday's commute. Many have limited service, so check the MTA website for details. The R, Z, and L trains are not, and the G is also suspended. North Brooklyn saw serious flooding in the L and G train tunnels, and there is no timeline for the restoration of either line. However, the MTA tweeted this morning that getting these lines running is their highest priority. The L is operating only between Canarsie and Broadway Junction. In lower Manhattan, the 1 train stops at Chambers Street, and the South Ferry station remains closed.

The East River Ferry has resumed full service, except for Greenpoint, where the landing still needs repairs. NY Water Taxi has also resumed service between Pier 11 and Red Hook.

Staten Island
The Staten Island Railway is operating with limited service, and the Staten Island Ferry is once again running.

New Jersey
Both the PATH train and NJ Transit remain suspended due to extensive flooding.

Bridges and Tunnels
Tolls have been suspended on bridges traveling into hard-hit Rockaway, and the north tube of the Holland Tunnel has been opened for Manhattan-bound buses. The Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery tunnels remain closed. Due to the ongoing gas shortage, there are likely to be less cabs available.
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