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Residents Allowed to Return As One57 Crane is Secured

The process of securing One57's collapsed crane hit a rough patch on Saturday evening, but the repairs still finished along the promised timeline. The crane was secured last night, according to a press release from the Department of Buildings. The streets began to open up again and evacuated residents were allowed to return home. Construction workers used the crane plan that had been laid out on Friday, the Journal explains:

"In the tethering operation over the weekend, construction workers used a hand crank to turn the entire cab and crane platform about 70 degrees counter-clockwise, maneuvering the boom below until it was tucked in close to the southern wall of the building. Riggers standing on the edge of unfinished concrete floors reached out and wound steel cables through the boom, and tied them back to the huge concrete columns of the building on Saturday. On Sunday, the workers locked the boom in place by inserting three pair of steel beams that were anchored back into the building." It will still take a while to remove the collapsed crane, since a whole other crane will need to be built for that purpose. Any other updates from 57th Street residents welcome to the tipline.
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