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FiDi Gets New Public Art With Graffitied Boiler on Dey Street

Here now, we bring you the best-looking post-Sandy mechanical equipment to appear Downtown. Tom Conlon of North Street Creative sent over these photos of a huge portable boiler, which is painted look like an old redbird 7 train subway car that's been bombed out and tossed to the bottom of the ocean. It's currently located on Dey Street right next to the Millenium, so Conlon guessed that it's hooked up to the hotel. Anyone know for sure?

NY Graffiti Artists for Hire decked out the boiler for owner Maximum Mechanical, and the design won first place in a graffiti contest held earlier this year by Ironlak.

Given that some buildings in the Financial District and other Zone A neighborhoods will be down for the count for several more weeks, even months in some cases, we're betting that much more of the temporary equipment will be subject to street art. If you spot something particularly awesome, be sure to send it to the tipline.

· Portable Boiler Job [NY Graffiti Artists for Hire]