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How Evacuated Buildings Are Handling Rent Payments

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Residents of Zone A buildings have been receiving word of long waits?in some cases, weeks or months?before they will be allowed to return to their homes. Many are wondering whether they'll have to pay rent for the time that they're displaced, and building managers are starting to send out answers to rent questions. (There are also some broader legal answers.) Here now, a list of all the buildings for which we've received rent abatement or due date information. Know of one we haven't mentioned? Let us know in the comments or via the tipline.

95 Wall Street: The building will be pro-rating rents "to reflect the period of time that you have been prohibited from returning to your apartment."

10 Hanover: Rents will be pro-rated for however long residents are out of their apartments.

200 Water Street: Management will adjust rents "appropriately" once residents return home.

Chelsea Landmark (55 West 25th Street): Management will abate rents for the time that residents were out of the building.

116 John: MetroLoftNYC will issue all residents a one-month rent credit. (Residents should be allowed to move back in within the next two weeks.)

90 Washington: The late fee on rents will be waived for November. UPDATE: The Moinian Group will also provide a rent credit on December bills for every day residents were unable to occupy their homes due to the hurricane.

20 Exchange Place: Residents will get a rent credit of 25 percent of one month's rent, and the deadline for November rent payments has been extended to Friday, November 9.

21 West Street: Rents will be abated for however long residents are out of the building, according to a tipster.

Historic Front Street: Rents will be abated until residents are able to move back in.

110-114 Horatio Street: Rents will be "appropriately adjusted" until power is restored to individual apartments and residents are able to return.

1 West Street: The Moinian Group will credit tenants on December rent bills for each day they've been unable to return to their homes.

The Westminster (180 West 20th Street): From building manager The Related Companies: "We will be crediting your account 50% of the rent charged during the four days the building was without power. As an example, if your rent is $4,950, you will receive a credit of $330 ($165 per day times 4 days times 50%). We will also not be charging late fees provided rent payment is received by November 15, 2012."

75 Wall Street: A tipster reports,"75 Wall has advised tenants to pay full rent and will be in touch when decisions about credits have been made."

100 Maiden Lane: From building management's latest memo: "Due to the circumstances there will not be any rent due for the entire month of November. If you have already paid your November rent this will be credited to your account and applied to future billing."

100 John Street (FiDi): Residents will be issued a rent abatement on their December billing statements.
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