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Long Island City's Most Expensive Condo is Now In Contract

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For some, Hurricane Sandy has clearly not made waterfront property less attractive?Long Island City's priciest condo has entered contract. The penthouse unit of the View, located at 46-30 Center Boulevard, was listed in July for $3.25 million, and the Daily News reported that it's the most expensive condo in the whole borough. The 2,260-square-foot duplex has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a balcony, and a private terrace, obviously with views of Manhattan. Ceilings reach 14 feet high, and the kitchen has top of line appliances, plus a built-in wine cooler. It also comes with a washer/dryer and custom built bar.

The layout is a little awkward, and some people will probably take issue with the lack of?gasp!?a powder room.

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