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Pier Five Comes Alive

Residents of One Brooklyn Bridge Park may have noticed some green popping up in their backyard recently. But it wasn't a sudden throwback to summer, it was the installation of three new turf playing fields on the five-acre Pier 5, which will have its official unveiling in the coming weeks. With shade structure and field lighting both included, the fields will be a prime hub of activity day or night.

For those not in the game, Pier 5 will also feature a picnic peninsula that can accommodate small or large groups of visitors with banquet length tables, benches, barbecue grills, a concession area and children's play equipment.

These five acres are the latest growth spurt in an 85-acre backyard filled with promise and play. There's still room to make your move and start enjoying this one-of-a-kind life. Visit to schedule a tour and find out more.