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Artists Bring Baby Hulk & Comedic Friends to Mulberry Street

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A four-story tall baby hulk, Aziz Ansari in Iron Man bulk, Jim Gaffigan's face on repeat, and to think that you saw them on Mulberry Street. These wacky images aren't from some comic-themed Dr. Seuss book?they're three of the latest murals on Little Italy's famed street. Created for the New York Comedy Festival and Little Italy Street Art Crawl, the artworks were made by some of the city's funniest local street artists. Ron English painted the towering, bright green hulkish figure called "Temper Tot," and Hanksy incorporated a couple comedians into "punny" paste jobs on the sides of restaurants. Street artist Glif! also has a few political-themed pieces not picture here. The murals join JR's screaming man, making Mulberry one of the artsy streets in Soho.
· The Art of Comedy with Ron English, Gilf!, and Hanksy [Vandalog]