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The Most Ridiculous Places Available for Sublet on Streeteasy

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? Streeteasy has added a temporary section to their website where people displaced by Hurricane Sandy can search for short-term rentals and sublets, which was certainly a helpful and nice thing to do. The section does not discriminate between listings, however, which means that some of them are a little on the pricey side. Is your home in Red Hook still uninhabitable? Don't worry—you can rent the Upper East Side townhouse that has previously belonged to Richard Avedon and Nicolas Sarkozy's brother for three months, and it'll only set you back $225,000. Plus a security deposit, presumably. You can also just buy the place for $12.5 million (if you think you might be displaced for a while).

? The Cassa Hotel & Residence in Midtown increased the monthly rate for a 5BR, 4.5BA from $40,000 to $60,000/month. But where else are you going to find a dining room table attached to the ceiling by chains? That's just smart. There's no way that table is tipping over. A minimum stay of 30 days is required.

? Looking to stay downtown? For a much more reasonable $27,000/month, a 4BR, 2BA condo in Soho is available "short term." The floors are made of "pulverized mother of pearl and cement" so that's...good? There is also a very weird bathtub in the bedroom situation, by which we mean both that it is a weird bathtub and a weird location for a bathtub.

? Maybe you're just looking for a nice 4,000-square-foot 1860 Greenwich Village townhouse to crash in for a little while. Look no further! 41 West 12th Street is available for $25,000/month, down from the $28,500/month it was asking in July.
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70 West 45th Street

70 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

407 East 75th Street

407 East 75th Street, New York, NY