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Election Day is the Perfect Time to Protest Greenpoint Landing

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On election day, people's thoughts turn to democracy and, naturally, to?megaprojects in Greenpoint? Some Greenpoint NIMBYs certainly hoped so?a tipster passes along this flyer received yesterday at a polling place. This is the first protest against Greenpoint Landing, the Park Tower Group's proposal for 10 residential towers on 22 acres of the Greenpoint waterfront. The megaproject will include 4,000 apartments in 30-to-40-story buildings, a new East River marina, a seasonal putting green/ice skating rink, and a pedestrian bridge designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. But local opponents will not be swayed even by a Calatrava bridge:

In a neighborhood where most of the buildings average 5 stories (if that) does 30-40 stories make sense??If you put TEN of these buildings on 22 acres, how much could even be dedicated green space? Can you fit TEN buildings (and all these new residents) responsibly and ethically on 22 acres here? Do you have more questions or will this be the next Iron Curtain on Brooklyn's waterfront?

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