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Flank Bringing Condos and Hotel to 71 Smith Street in DoBro

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A parking lot on Smith Street in Downtown Brooklyn is set to get a 315,000-square-foot development of condos and a hotel. Crain's reports that a partnership of Flank and Carlyle Group bought the property at 71 Smith Street, one block north of Atlantic Avenue, for $40 million. The site is zoned for a building larger than 310,000-square-feet, and Flank plans to build 210,000-square-feet of condos, with the rest of the space reserved for a hotel. Reps from Carlyle declined to comment on the story, and Flank could not be reached. No permits have yet been filed with the DOB.

Flank has worked on several Curbed obsessions over the last few years, including the Abindgon condos in the West Village, the metal and glass jigsaw at 441 East 57th Street, the copper-clad 385 West 12th Street, 1 North Moore Street in Tribeca, and more. We're looking forward to see what they come up with for DoBro!
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71 Smith St.

71 Smith St., Brooklyn, NY 11201