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Homeless Vets Move Into Contested Carroll Gardens Shelter

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Despite vehement opposition from the local community, the homeless shelter at 165 West 9th Street in Carroll Gardens is moving forward, at least temporarily. The Brooklyn Paper reports that last night, 120 homeless male veterans displaced from a shelter in Queens because of Hurricane Sandy began moving into the building. The building, designed by Robert Scarano as condos, has sat empty for years due to problems with construction. A month ago, news broke that the apartments would house beds for 170 men.

The Department of Homeless Services said that the displaced tenants would likely be staying at 165 West 9th for less than a month. Neighbors seem to be understanding of the temporary situation, but they still expressed concern over a longterm homeless shelter. "I hope that doesn't mean a final decision has been made," said one resident. "Now it's just happening without any other input from the community." Another added, "It's going to definitely increase crime rates, reduce safety, and reduce the value of the neighborhood."
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165 West 9th Street

165 West 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231