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$979K for a 2BR Condo in Downtown Brooklyn on Bridge St.

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Curbed reader bookface quickly identified this apartment a condo in the Belltel Lofts building at 365 Bridge Street, but it took a little longer for anyone to name the correct price. This may have been our fault, as it was pointed out that the images are of a model unit and don't match up with the floor plan?sorry about that! The price for this particular 1BR/1BA is $979,000, which someone correctly guessed this morning. The lowest guess was $759K, and the highest was $1.2M, but that was prefaced with "there is no way in bloody hell they will get close to that."
· Listing: 365 Bridge Street, #11D [Elliman]
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BellTel Lofts

365 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201