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Why the A Train Can't Run to Rockaway, In Photos

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While the subways to Manhattan (except for the L train) are pretty much back to normal, the A train to Far Rockaway will be out of commission for awhile. The line runs through Broad Channel, with the tracks sitting not far above the water, and the system was pounded during the hurricane. Debris, boats, and entire docks found themselves sitting atop the tracks, and long sections had the supporting ballast completely washed out. The MTA took photos the day after the storm, and Second Avenue Sagas has some more recent shots, all of which show the dramatic destruction.

Several boats were deposited in the middle of the tracks.

The tracks were so washed out that the old LIRR infrastructure became visible in some places.

An entire dock landed across the tracks in Broad Channel.

MTA workers survey the damage of washed out tracks. The rusty LIRR infrastructure is visible on the left.

A section where the track support was totally washed out. The MTA identifies this area as "south of Patterson Boulevard."

The storm ripped down sections of fencing, and here, this area lost its support ballast as well.

On November 3, workers are seen rebuilding the washed out tracks. They also installed new switches and replaced the motors in some damaged switches.

To provide temporary transportation in the Rockaways, the MTA trucked subway cars to the peninsula to create shuttle trains until full service can be restored. The MTA has given no timeline for full restoration of the A line.
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