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Age of the Wooden Boardwalk Over, According to Bloomberg

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Speaking to The Wave, a Rockaways newspaper, Mayor Bloomberg declared that the time of the wooden boardwalk has come to an end following the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. "I guess this settles the issue of wooden boardwalks versus concrete boardwalks," he told the paper. "There will be no more wooden boardwalks in Rockaway or anywhere else." Although that's probably not the end of the discussion, the Parks Department appears to be on board ("The exact plans for rebuilding the Boardwalk are still being determined, but it is undeniable that the concrete sections of the Boardwalk held up extremely well," a spokesperson told The Wave) and the city will likely point to the four small sections of the Rockaways boardwalk that survived the storm after being replaced with concrete.
· Mayor Says Rebuilt Boardwalk in Rockaways Won't Be Wooden [NYT]