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Bayard Street Air Rights Adventure to Be Complete By Spring

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The super slow-moving air and space invader at 64 Bayard Street will, fingers crossed, finally be opening this spring. Brownstoner has an updated photo of the condo building, and by the shape of the window holes on the facade and the hangover jutting from the side, it looks like the design hews pretty close to the rendering from 2009. Hudson Companies and Brend are developing the building, which will have 52 units.

64 Bayard Street has a long history, with Karl Fischer?Bayard Street is, after all, known as Karl Fischer Row?originally being tapped for the project way back in 2007. But, for reasons we're unclear of, that plan went kaput, and we now have this boxy air-invader.
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64 Bayard Street

64 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY