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'Dormandie' Court Still Going Strong, Smells Like Marijuana

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It's been a long time since we heard anything about our old party pal, Normandie Court, aka "Dormandie" Court, with buildings like 2 Gold and the A Building usurping it as the go-to apartment complex for recent college grads. Had Dormandie lost its edge? Did the uptown frat house actually become a respectable residential abode (recent Yelp reviewers seem to think so)? Not quite. It seems that the tenants have just found a more mellow recreational activity than all-night dance parties: smoking weed. A tipster sent along the latest message from management, aptly titled "Marijuana Odor":

We are receiving numerous complaints on a daily basis regarding the continuous smell of marijuana, which we believe may be emanating from a vent line. As you are aware, smoking marijuana is illegal and this type of environment is not acceptable to Management or to your neighbors.

Should the smell of marijuana, or any other illegal substance, be proven to be emanating from your apartment, legal action may be taken.

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