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Printing House Conversion Will Really Hit Market in 2013

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A lawsuit from a jilted bidder for the building has slowed development at the West Village condo conversion The Printing House, which has been in the process of conversion since mid-2011. The condos were supposed to come to market in September, and that didn't happen, but they really will come to market in 2013, reps tell us. In fact, the building just got its signage! UPDATE: There's a teaser site, too, and it mentions an on-sale date of February 2013. Many of the apartments in 421 Hudson Street have actually already been condos for the past 30 years, but now the remaining rental neighbors will be joining them. And the newly-converted units will be a bit different from the building's existing condo stock: two- to four-bedrooms, instead of one- and two-bedrooms, and, presumably, they'll be a bit more expensive.
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The Printing House

421 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014