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Watch Starchitect Norman Foster Pitch 425 Park Avenue

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Developer L&L Holdings announced in October that Lord Norman Foster would redesign 425 Park Avenue, a soulless heap of Midtown brick. Foster won the commission over three other starchitects?Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, and Richard Rogers?and it turns out he did so on video! Via Design Observer's year-end awards post, we learned that each starchitect's pitch for the project exists on video. Since Foster won, we've included his pitch above; click through to the Guardian to see the rest. As the paper points out, Foster beat out his fellow starchitects by not using powerpoint and by avoiding flowery architectural language. "This building doesn't have to indulge in a 'look at me' hysteria," he says. Fightin' words! And if there were a starchitect pitch slam reality show, we'd watch.
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425 Park Avenue, New York, NY