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Inside West 14th's Street's On-the-Market 345 Meatpacking

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We like parties! Invite us to yours.

Event: The DDG/Dwell holiday cocktail party at 345 Meatpacking
In the house: Developers, designers, and other folks who worked on the building and its model units, and assorted Dwell- and DDG-ers. Designer/Queer Eye star Thom Filicia was allegedly in attendance, and we met designer Lindsey Adelman, whose lighting fixtures adorn the models at both 345 MePa and DDG's 41 Bond.
Dress code: Black. Suits. Chic.
Menu: Standard party-ish nibbles of the meat, bread, cheese, and olives variety. Drinks, too.

The Skinny: Both model units, on the second floor and the fourth, were on display. The fourth floor unit, designed by BDDW, has a more traditional look; the one on the second floor, by The Future Perfect, has a bit of a younger feel (and outdoor space). The design-minded in attendance talked up their favorite features, including the brass bathroom fixtures and the flooring, and we spotted someone longingly examining one of the bedroom lighting fixtures. We've mixed up our own photos with some by the night's official photographer, Michael Stewart. We'll head back in the new year for a fuller look at the building.
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345 W14th Street, New York (Meatpacking Dist), NY 10011