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Author Sebastian Junger Sells Hell's Kitchen Condo for $1.235M

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The sale of apartment 14D at 315 West 36th Street appears to have a story worthy of its seller, Sebastian Junger, bestselling author of The Perfect Storm. Junger just unloaded the apartment for $1.235 million?but, as the Observer notes, Junger sold it to the condo's board, which might indicate that the board exercised its right of first refusal of a potential buyer. Intriguing! Regardless, Junger?now, according to the deed for this sale, an Upper West Sider?only paid $750,000 for the apartment, so he's probably happy.

Whoever actually lives in Junger's apartment next will have some design decisions on his or her hands. The current open-plan layout can stay, of course (though the listing photos, above, don't make that seem particularly appealing), or the buyer can reconfigure. The listing even suggests another floorplan. Here's the current one:

And here's an alternate configuration:

· Listing: 315 West 36th Street, Apt. 14D [Corcoran via StreetEasy]
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