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Will This 1886 Bed-Stuy Townhouse Fetch Over $1 Million?

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442 Hancock Street, an 1886 four-story Bed-Stuy townhouse, was purchased this July for a mere $224,000 by an entity known as Prestige Home Development Corp. A few days ago, it reappeared on the market with a 413 percent bigger price tag—$1,150,000—and an attractively renovated interior, which includes quite a bit of exposed brick and original detailing, as well as a chandelier that can have its height adjusted with a motorized lift. Pretty nifty. The house is divided into two apartments: a 4BR, 2.5BA triplex and a 2BR garden duplex. Can it find a buyer willing to shell out the entire ask? Why not? It probably has a better chance than this place.

· 442 Hancock Street [Corcoran]