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Atlantic Avenue to Get $75K 'Funderpass' Beneath the BQE

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Anyone who's ever strolled down Atlantic Avenue to get to Brooklyn Bridge Park knows the horror of trying to cross under the BQE. Not only is the tunnel dark and trash-strewn, but cars zooming up the BQE on-ramps make it a pretty terrifying intersection. Well, the Atlantic Avenue BID says enough is enough?it's time to transform the dreary underpass into a FUNderpass! The Brooklyn Paper reports that the BID won a $75,000 city grant to makeover the space with colorful murals, new lighting, seating, directional signage, and a bike station. The currently treacherous thoroughfare separates Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill, making it an ordeal for the residents of the latter nabe to get to the waterfront park and Columbia Street. The funderpass will be developed over the next year.
· Tunnel Vision! Plan to Make Atlantic Avenue Underpass Safer, Prettier [BK Paper]