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Jarmulowsky Building Restoration Approved by Landmarks

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Yesterday was a big historical preservation day for the Lower East Side. The Landmarks Preservation Commission first agreed to calendar the Bialystoker Nursing Home, then enthusiastically approved the restoration plans for the already landmarked Jarmulowsky Bank Building, which is slated to become a very large hotel. The plans, courtesy of architect Ron Castellano, call for the facade to be restored, the existing doors to be replaced with historically appropriate wood doors, a fire escape to be removed and replaced with balconies, two stories to be added to the roof, and the stolen clock to be replaced. Much to everyone's chagrin, however, the building's iconic cupola will not be making a comeback. Castellano began his presentation by saying that although they had looked into it, replacing the cupola would be a "hugely expensive proposition," and, although this saddened the commission (as well as all three preservationists who spoke) they ultimately could not find anything significant to disapprove of.
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