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New Subway App; Crazy Holiday Light Show in South Slope

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EVERYWHERE?Here's a depressing stat: New Yorkers waste 1.5 days of their lives every year waiting for trains and buses because of delays. The info comes from Moovit, a new public transportation app that launched this week. The app uses real time data to provide users with up-to-the-minute information about train and bus speeds, locations, and possible routes that could be faster. The app also has a social networking aspect, so you can share your complaints about the MTA, overcrowded trains, and delayed buses with people who actually care. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

GREENWOOD HEIGHTS?For the fifth year running, a couple on 22nd Street in South Park Slope/Greenwood Heights has decked out their home with an over-the-top light display (pictured). The theme is "North Pole's Got Talent," there's some sort of interactive feature involved, and the lights are programmed to put on a show that runs every 20 minutes on the hour. The home has been entered in Patch's "Deck the House" contest and could win $100,000. [CurbedWire Inbox via CCGH; official Facebook page]