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Williamsburg's The Edge Has Sold All 565 of Its Condos

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The day has come: The Edge has finally sold out. All 565 of the waterfront condos are now occupied. The complex saw speedy sales from the get-go, consistently ranking as one of the best-selling buildings in the city. Let's toast the Edge's accomplishments with a look back at our relationship over the years:

March 30, 2006: We learn about the Edge, it gets its first Curbed post.

August 2006: The project drops some absurdist neon-colored promotional material.

April 2007: A year later, things start moving along. Construction begins!

December 2007: Renderings revealed, finally.

March 2008: More renderings, prices and amenities revealed!

April 2008: We visit the newly unveiled swanky sales office.

December 2008: Post-crash, the Edge talks about affordable housing. People freak out.

April 2009: Curbed parties at the Edge.

July 2010: The Edge submits to the Pricechopper.

August 2010: Milestones! The Edge has its first closing.

October 2010: The Edge emerges victorious from the Amenity Deathmatch.

June 2011: News breaks that the Edge was officially sold more units in the first six months of 2011 than any building did in 2010.

August 2011: Multi-million units going like hotcakes.

October 2011: The Edge makes, uh, this weird commercial. But at least it's not the building with the worst TV spot.

March 2012: CW celebs start moving in.

April 2012: The Edge gets its first Yelp reviews and is the best-selling building of the first quarter. These things are probably related.

June 2012: The condos get 15 minutes of TV fame on HBO's Girls.

December 2012: SELLS OUT. Here's to many more years of waterfront drama. We're still waiting on that third tower.
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