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Snapple President's Upper West Side Townhouse Listed for $7M

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Sometimes you see some listing photos featuring, say, a leopard print armchair set against a bright purple wall (just off the top of our head), and you think to yourself: Where did that come from? In this case, we have our answer, via a 2003 New York Times profile of 166 West 88th Street, the 5,000-square-foot Upper West Side townhouse owned by Snapple President Jack Belsito. The main design elements are "my wife's French posters. She's a romantic. The African masks are her doing, too," Belsito told the Times, adding, "I spend the most time downstairs, where the pool table is. There's no TV upstairs." The Belsitos, who bought the four-story house for $2,475,000 in 2002 put it back on the market yesterday for $6,995,000. Hopefully the leak in the piano room ceiling is all taken care of.

· Listing: 166 West 88th Street [Elliman]