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Azure Penthouse Returns to Market for $13 Million

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The Upper East Side's Azure, known mostly for its 2008 crane collapse that killed two people, is continuing its slow and steady comeback, now boasting that over 65 percent of its units are sold. (Also, the head of the crane company was found not guilty of manslaughter this year.) The building's two penthouses, however, have never been able to count themselves as part of that 65 percent. The two units were initially listed together, in 2010, for $11,372,000. Failing to find a buyer, they were split up, but that didn't work either, so now they're reuniting for a brand new $13,000,000 listing. The combined unit is huge at 5,308 square feet, with five beds and six baths, and very sleek and modern, if a bit generic.

· Listing: 333 East 91st Street #PHAB [Elliman]
· Azure coverage [Curbed]


333 East 91st Street, New York, NY 10128