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World's Most Expensive Office Chops Price by $15 Million

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Don't worry—even with its asking price slashed by an entire 25 percent, from $65 million to $49.9 million, 7 West 54th Street, also known as the Lehman Art House, is still the world's most expensive office space by a healthy margin. The now landmarked 16,600 square foot mansion was built in 1899 for Lehman Brothers cofounder Philip Lehman and his estimable art collection (hence the name), and, in what still seems like a bit of an odd choice, was renovated into a mindbogglingly fancy home office in 2006 (also having a glass penthouse added.) And while the price, at just over $3,000/square foot, might still be beyond the reach of basically any potential buyers (seeing as how offices are usually obtained for the purpose of making money) it would make a great base of operations for, say, an especially wealthy Bond villain.
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