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Scaffolding Comes Off David Schwimmer's East Village House

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The drama surrounding former Friends star David Schwimmer's purchase and subsequent complete teardown of an 1852 townhouse on East Sixth Street is mostly behind us now, as Schwimmer's newly constructed six-story mansion appears to be basically complete. (At least this probably means that no more debris will be falling off and hitting passersby on the arms.) EV Grieve was able to snap the above picture of the townhouse's scaffolding coming off, revealing for the first time the top row of windows from which Schwimmer will soon be peering out over the East Village, laughing a deranged, maniacal laugh. Roll credits on "The One Where a Monied Transient Destroys an Irreplaceable Historic Building."
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David Schwimmer's House

331 East 6th Street, New York, NY