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Poor Virtual Staging Dooms UWS House to Months on Market

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Statistics might show that staging a listing, even virtually, improves the chances of making a sale quickly and close to ask, but the otherwise-charming Upper West Side brownstone at 116 West 71st Street shows off the dark side of computer-generated furnishings. Oddly enough, the place was formerly lightly staged with real furniture, as old listing photos can attest. The shoddy newer renderings look torn straight from The Sims and won't be convincing anyone to drop $12.8M on this fully renovated, LEED-certified townhouse. Of course, the sellers were once hoping for far more—$18M to be exact—when the townhouse came to market last year. The series of price chops and occasional tiny increases aside, anything north of $10M should be a win for the developers, who snapped up the dilapidated house for $2M before embarking on the five-year renovation.

The more recent, far worse virtual staging.

The visually compelling original photography, plus floorplan.

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