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National Tennis Center Won't Replace Parkland in Flushing

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The future MLS stadium isn't the only contentious sports arena in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Local residents are also angry about National Tennis Center's $500 million expansion, which will swallow up a 0.68-acre sliver of parkland that will not be replaced. Why? Because, Crain's reports, the Bloomberg administration has said that the U.S. Tennis Association doesn't need to replace the lost green space because the tennis center is open to the public for 11 months of the year. Instead, the organization will donating an undetermined amount of money to make improvements in the park.

Residents are less than pleased. The tennis center's courts are available for about $40 to $66 an hour, which is too expensive for much of the middle-income community in the area, who think the association is "not at all accessible." One opponent says, "The sentiment is, 'Wow, they already don't do much for folks in the community, and now they want to take even more of the public space.'"
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