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This Is How You Chastise Your Neighbors for Smoking Weed

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We've seen our fair share of passive aggressive building notes around these parts, and it's fair to say that not all of them are the most tactful. With that in mind, everyone please take a look at the note on the right (click to enlarge) that a tipster spotted by the elevator in the Upper West Side's 808 Columbus (aka Columbus Square.) The next time you're thinking about rage-typing a manifesto regarding dog poop disposal or loud parties or whatever, just remember: this is how it's done. Good grammar, good spelling, gentle, kind, and it even includes helpful suggestions and free stuff. If we had to nitpick, the one thing that we'd mention is that there isn't really one universal dinnertime, especially for people "smoking tons of weed each week" (in fact, people who smoke tons of weed each week have been known to treat every time like it's dinnertime), but no matter. This is just, somehow, a very nice all caps note chastising the neighbors for their smelly drugs. "The towel was already gone," our tipster adds.
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Columbus Square

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