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Claustrophobic, Beautiful Murray Hill Townhouse Now Only $4M

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There's a lot to like about 115 East 35th Street, from the ornate fireplaces to the bay windows to the "four seasons room" leading to a private garden. But if one were to try and identify the thing that's kept it on the market for almost two years—some might call it "the skinny"—it would probably have to be the fact that house is really, really skinny. Not the skinniest, certainly, but especially considering its depth and height, it's a very narrow house. Still, it's hard not to admire what oil painter Patricia Nix, who bought the place for $950,000 in 1998 and embarked on a gut renovation, according to this old Observer post, did with it. She re-listed the house last March for $4,995,000 and has since lowered the ask thrice, switching brokerages each time. The current listing is for $3,995,000. Hopefully the new brokers aren't already on thin ice. Get it? Thin ice? Sorry.

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