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Eight-Lot Chunk of East 14th Street Sells for $35 Million

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Big things could be coming to East 14th Street between Avenues A and B. Back in September, EV Grieve heard rumors about lots in the area possibly being developed as a housing complex, and it's looking like this is true. Near the end of November, eight different lots, consisting of 222 Avenue A and 504-530 East 14th Street, sold together for $35 million to a group called East Village 14 LLC. The lots include ABC Animal Hospital, the Blarney Cove, Pete's-a-Pizza, Stuyvesant Grocery, Bargain Bazaar, and more. And as EV Grieve previously reported, landlords have already broken leases for a lot of shops along the stretch. Needless to say, we'll be keeping an eye on this one. Hit up the tipline if you have any intel.
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