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New Public Plaza Proposed Near Williamsburg Bridge

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The Department of Transportation has announced plans for a triangular public plaza at Broadway and Bedford Avenue (right next to Peter Luger Steakhouse) and met last night at a public workshop with Williamsburg community members to discuss the plans. The plaza is to be named George B. Post Plaza, after the architect who designed, among other things, the Williamsburg Savings Bank. The response so far has been mostly positive on the plaza's newly created Facebook page, and the project seems to have the backing of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, located across the street. "This ... creates an expansive public area directly in front of the art center that can be used for more art programing, events and concerts," wrote Terrance Lindall, the center's president. "The visual impact on the area will be dramatic and improve property values as well as make it even more exciting and pleasing to eat at the fine local restaurants along the block."

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