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Parking Garage Sued for Locking Cars Inside Before Sandy

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One of the most striking images of the damage Hurricane Sandy wrought in lower Manhattan was of cars floating upside down, flooded out of an underground parking garage. At least one underground garage, located at 227 Cherry Street, drivers wanted to remove their vehicles, but found the garage completely closed. Now the garage finds itself at the center of a class action lawsuit. The Post reports that 50 cars were trapped inside and all were totaled by floodwaters.

The suit alleges that the garage told drivers it would remain open throughout the storm, but when one man went to retrieve his vehicle "to evacuate his wheelchair-bound daughter" before Sandy hit, the place was locked. Court papers say the garage was locked by 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 28, and drivers were not allowed in until November 9?and they were only allowed in if they signed a liability waiver.
· Lower Manhattan Parking Garage Sued for Locking 50 Cars in During Hurricane Sandy [NYP]
Photo is of an unidentified flooded parking garage during Sandy