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Three-Lane Pocket Park Proposed Near Lincoln Tunnel

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Another day, another pocket park proposal. A coalition of Hell's Kitchen groups have developed an idea for a small park on Dyer Avenue between West 34th and 35th Streets. That area of Dyer—also known as the street that leads to and from the Lincoln Tunnel—currently has only one of its lanes in use, and the park would take up the space occupied by the other three. Community Board 4 will hear the proposal for the park, which has yet to be given a name, at its meeting tonight. Also, that peculiar sense of deja vu you're experiencing right now is not for nothing. In October, a Hudson Square BID announced plans to turn a paved area just outside the Holland Tunnel entrance into a pedestrian plaza. And just yesterday, we reported on plans for new public plaza near the Williamsburg Bridge. Bridges, it is commonly known, are sort of like the tunnels of the sky, so it's official: this is a now a bonafide trend. Tunnel parks are the next big thing. Community Board 4 meets tonight at 6:30.
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