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31-Story Apartment Tower Rising at 325 Lexington Avenue

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A tipster sends word that the once-stalled construction site at 325 Lexington Avenue is moving full steam ahead. Last we heard anything about the site was way back in 2006, when rumors were circulating that a 25-story tower was being built there. According to DOB records, this building started construction, but then stalled in 2008. Permits were renewed in July 2011, and work has been moving steadily forward since then, with the latest permits being issued just yesterday. Here's what we know from filings with the DOB: it will be 31 stories, plus a celler, the ground floor will have a restaurant/bar, and the residential portion will have 103 apartments (two full-floor penthouses), a club room, and a fitness center.

A quick Google search for "325 Lexington" turns up a design for a building at the site created by Studio Dror. We're not sure if this is actually what the building will look like (we've reached out to Dror, but have yet to hear back), but if it is, then it's a pretty mindboggling tower.

The base looks like a regular building, but the top is a series of glass-fronted boxes, stacked Jenga-like to create balconies and set-backs (not unlike 56 Leonard). We're still lacking on info, so if you have any intel about the building, hit up the tipline, but we'll definitely be investigating this more.
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325 Lexington Avenue

325 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY