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Admiral's Row Set to Become 'A Suburban Shopping Center'

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We knew that the crumbling buildings of Admiral's Row would be replaced with a supermarket and retail center, but it's not going to be just any retail complex. The Brooklyn Navy Yard has chosen Blumenfeld Development Group to bring the project to life, and Mr. Blumenfeld himself told the Journal his plans will create?brace yourselves?"a suburban shopping center." The $60 million development will have a 74,000-square-foot supermarket, new shops and restaurants, and light manufacturing space.

Groundbreaking was originally slated for this year, but the previous developer, PA Developers, had to be replaced when one of its principals was charged with corruption in another project. The development will now break ground some time next year, so this really is your last chance to say goodbye to the historic buildings of Admiral's Row.
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