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Austere Six-Bedroom Yorkville Co-op Listed for $12 Million

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Looking for a place to live that says "I have so much money!" but still manages to not really rub it in everybody's face? Meet 120 East End Avenue, one of the Yorkville co-op buildings developed by Vincent Astor in 1930—right as the Great Depression was really starting to get underway—which architectural historian Christopher Gray described in 2009 as "one of the great sleeper apartment houses of New York." Gray writes, "Two decades before, a building of this ambition would have been laden with opulent stonework... But in Mr. Astor's time, sumptuous austerity won out. The divided lights of the double-hung windows form the principal decoration of the severe facade." The unit in the gallery above, a nice little 14-room 6BR, 5BA, just hit the market for $11,950,000. According to Gray, it could have rented for as much as $22,000/year in 1931, or just over $325,000 adjusted for inflation, making it the Great Depression equivalent of one of these.

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120 East End Avenue

120 East End Avenue, New York, NY