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Former Northside Piers Townhouse Owner Isn't Going Quietly

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A tipster sent us word of Townhouse C in the Toll Brothers' Northside Piers, which was originally listed for $1,870,990 and eventually sold in 2009 for only $950,000 after a series of pricechops. Now, the property has returned to market for $1,745,990 (it was chopped by $54,000 three weeks ago), listed once again by the Toll Brothers, who were forced to buy it back after the owners raised a series of complaints about the construction quality. These types of complaints are not entirely out of the ordinary for Northside Piers, but the complaints of this particular owner, listed extensively in a post on consumer advocate website Ripoff Report, are probably worth a read, as they detail an odyssey of allegedly exploding water pipes, warped floors, cracking staircases, toxic mold, and uncooperative management. The post also includes parts like this:

I eventually put up two poster sized photos of my two golden retrievers in the front of THC to 'advertise' the condition of the Townhouse. I put up speech bubbles, having one dog saying: 'Say No to Mold!', while the other one replied: 'Why am I not surprised? This is a townhouse lemon!' I also put up blown photo of the mold that is growing in the basement walls and placed an artificial lemon tree in the balcony.
The former owner isn't alone, though—these guys know a thing or two about THC smelling bad. (If anybody has pictures of those posters, we'd love to see them.) UPDATE: And here's a photo, courtesy of a tipster:

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