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"All of this discussion overlooks a major distinction between the "older" section between the two bridges and the newer sections south of Brooklyn Bridge. In Dumbo, the adjacent neighborhood is at the same level as the Park (as Sandy dramatically illustrated). This is the logical place to "engage" the water, since the park is an extension of the streets people walk every day. The southern part of the Park is below the imposing bluff of Brooklyn Heights. Getting to this part of the park requires a bit of work -- even with the new pedestrian bridge, there are only three ways from the Heights to the Park, and two of them are at the northern and southern ends of the neighborhood. Ergo, this is the place where reccreational facilities, "random" or not, can draw the public down the hill. I have my own problems with the park design, but I think that what we have at least responds well to the context."?BklynScribe [Exploring the Still-Developing 85-Acre Brooklyn Bridge Park]