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Hot Karl Building on Third Avenue Will Be Bigger Than Expected

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Back in October, blogging broker Andrew Fine looked at the all the unanswered questions surrounding the new Karl Fischer building rising at 84 Third Avenue on the corner of East 12th Street. Today, EV Grieve brings us some answers. Per DOB records, the building will indeed be 12 stories, not nine?filings show that the DOB approved the additional stories on November 28.

The changes increase the total square footage by more than 22,000, so now the building will have 114 units (still not sure if they will be rental or condo) in 94,300-square-foot of space. There will also be 10,000-square-feet of retail, and a paltry 590-square-feet of community space. So the above rendering may not be that far off from what we'll see.
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84 Third Avenue

84 Third Avenue, New York, NY