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Rent the City's Classiest Murphy Bed for $18,500/Month

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This is a murphy bed, right? On one hand, it is clearly a murphy bed. On the other hand, why is it so short? Doesn't it look way too short for a person to sleep on? It looks slightly more bed-like in one of the pictures accompanying previous incarnations of this listing, although they're too small to really tell. But whether or not this is a murphy bed or a just murphy mattress-chair, one thing is for sure: it's got class. Class enough (according to the listing) for Jay Gatsby, the title character in a famous book about a very, very short man who slept on a bed that folded out from the wall and also had a bathtub with a step. You know it's a classy bathtub when it's got a step.

· Listing: 65 East 96th Street [Keller Williams]