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Pier 17 Renovation Plans Moving Forward Post-Sandy

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Since Hurricane Sandy, Pier 17 has remained closed while the structure of the pier was examined, but the Times reports that the pier passed the examination with flying colors and has reopened to the public. Additionally, a spokesman for the Howard Hughes Corporation said that the developer is not changing any of its plans for Pier 17's major makeover, and they will still begin construction by July 1, 2013. While dozens of shops in the Seaport remain closed, Pier 17's mall suffered little damage because it sits three feet above the pier, which sits well above the water.

The renovated pier will "capitalize on its waterfront location," with newly enhanced outdoor spaces and "abundant views of the bridge." Two levels of retail will each have space for a 60,000-square-foot store, and on the lower floor, there will be an unenclosed shopping area designed to look like a neighborhood of city blocks. At least 10,000-square-feet of the roof space will be open to the public at all times. The Link Building, a 13,000-square-foot building next to the pier that's included in the plans, will be turned into a "world-class food market." Howard Hughes has not elaborated on the type of tenants it wishes to attract, but the developer did say that big box retailers like Walmart will not be welcome.
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