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Richard Meier's On Prospect Park Bans Smoking Indoors

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The residents of Richard Meier's On Prospect Park might not be able to sell their leaky, unsalvageable, defective units, but as long as they're stuck in the luxury high rise for the foreseeable future, they're no longer going to deal with smelling other residents' cigarette smoke. The Post reports that more than two thirds of the building's residents, inspired by Mayor Bloomberg's push for more smoking restrictions in residential buildings, voted to ban smoking indoors, which means that now—in the indignity to end all indignities—On Prospect Park smokers will be forced to retreat to their private terraces to light up. (The Post seems to think that it is in some way ironic that the building still allows people to be naked in their apartments, which actually makes perfect sense, because who doesn't hate it when the foul smells of naked people waft through the vents and give your children cancer?) Of course, not everyone in the building is happy about it, because if everyone was happy about it then there would have been no need for the ban in the first place. The board president said that some residents "called it an Orwellian attempt" to control people. Yes, very Orwellian. Big Brother is watching gently asking you to retreat to your private terrace with sweeping views of Prospect Park for a minute.
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Richard Meier On Prospect Park

1 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11238