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Curbed Cup Final Four: (3) Hudson Yards vs. (7) Hudson Square

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We're down to the final four in the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the New York City neighborhood of the year. This is our last final four matchup. The polls will be left open for 24 hours, and the final showdown for the prestigious fake trophy will begin tomorrow. Let the eliminations continue!

Neighborhoods seeing a development boom did well in this year's Curbed Cup, and the final two contenders both fall into this category. First up, we have Hudson Yards, which officially broke ground earlier this month. The megaproject will bring a handful of new skyscrapers within the next several years, and it's already spurred many other developments, including the 7 line extension, the final phase of the High Line, and a few other projects: Joseph Chetrit picked up four lots mystery project, Gary Barnett is planning a tower, and even Related is building other structures in the area.

The challenger is another Hudson 'hood: Hudson Square. The land use review process for the proposed Hudson Square rezoning began this year, and if passed, it would institute building height limits of 320' along wide streets and 195' on narrow streets. The Hudson Square Connection, the neighborhood BID, is also hoping for a public space makeover.

Which neighborhood gets to go to the finals?

Poll results

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Hudson Yards

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